Sunday, July 31, 2011

Official Reproductions

18th Century fashion engravings were so hard to find and popular at the same time, the Editions Rombaldi in France decided to publish a set of 24 engravings of the Galerie Des Modes et Costumes Francais 1778 to 1787 with the complicity and texts by Roger-Armand Weigert, curator at the Cabinet des Estampes at the National Library in Paris France.

This set was published in 1956 as a limited edition and I happen to own 782/4000. The engravings were exact reproductions of the antique prints, made as etchings and hand colored with stencils by Edmond Vairel. The differences are: the paper that is a very white and smooth modern Velin paper and there are no plate marks. It is very easy to recognize them as reproductions if you compare them to the ones I was mentioning in my previous post.

Here are a few samples of these engravings.

Need costuming ideas? I will place most of them in one of the side pages for reference for the Association Bal de Versailles.

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